We cannot guarantee that our products will not come into contact with nuts, gluten, shellfish, diary or other allergens. Cross-contamination may occur between ingredients. Cara Operations Limited (including its affiliates, partnerships and franchisees) assumes no liability as a result of food allergy related reactions.

This Guide contains nutrition information based on our standard product formulations; however, there may be occasions when variations in product formulations may occur. Certain menu items may vary from restaurant to restaurant and may not be available at all locations. This Guide reflects the nutrition information for the listed products as of today's date. For further nutrition information you may contact us directly at: Toll Free 1 844 729 7831 or in the GTA 416 940 5688

Our gluten options are prepared with gluten free ingredients. When a Guest orders a gluten-free menu item we clean and sanitize the work and cooking surfaces, utensils, cutlery, platters, dishes, cutting boards and equipment that will come in contact with the food being prepared for the gluten-free offering. As is the case in all non-dedicated kitchens, even though we follow these procedures for handling and preparation there is the possibility of cross contamination occurring during preparation. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that a menu item is gluten/allergen free because of the number of contaminants and constraints we face in each kitchen.

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